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Robert Birkenes

Robert Birkenes

Boca Raton, FL


Robert Birkenes discovered the challenges and joy associated with painting and sketching as he grew up in Southern California. He has lived and pursued his advertising career in the Northeast, Midwest, Mexico and presently calls South Florida his home.

Robert is constantly impressed with the majesty and beauty of the American landscape. His landscape paintings reflect his impressions of the natural beauty that has been carved into our mountains, rivers and desserts. Recently, he has taken a very strong interest in creating abstract paintings. He calls this new series: Chromatic Vibrations. Based upon his photography of various sky / cloud and sun patterns at Sunset in Florida.

Capturing and preserving our historic architecture on canvas or paper has also been a motivating goal - born out of his reverence for these soon to vanish monuments of our past.

Many of his creations have found their place in private as well as corporate collections throughout North America. He has received numerous awards and recognition for his work in juried shows throughout the United States.

Mr. Birkenes received his B.F.A. Degree in Advertising & Design from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles / Pasadena, California. His advertising backgound includes creating TV & Print communications for: United Air Lines; Kellogg's Eggo Waffles and Special K Cereal; Kentucky Fried Chicken; Kraft Foods; General Motors de Mexico; Coca Cola - Mexico; Monsanto; Eli Lily; First National Bank of Chicago; Proctor & Gamble and a host of other Fortune 500 companies.

Private and Corporate Collections:

Kathryn & Gary Barry - Delray Beach, Fl
John MacPherson, San Diego, Ca
Kristin & Sasha Birkenes, New Mexico
Jani Peters, Morro Bay, Ca
Bill Kurtis - TV Commentator
Monsanto Corporation, St. Louis, Mo
Steve Mulder, Boca Raton, Fl
Inland Steel Company, Chicago
State Farm Insurance, Chicago
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Duggan, Fl
Robert Venturi-Architect, Phil
General Motors de Mexico
National Assoc.Realtors, Chicago
Arthur Rubloff Realty, Chicago
McCann Erickson Adv. Mexico
Oak Street Bank, Chicago
Foote,Cone, & Belding, Chicago


Roberts Art Gallery, Santa Monica
Santa Monica Library Art Gallery
Leo Burnett Advertising, Chicago
Oak Street Art Gallery, Chicago
Joy Horwich Art Gallery, Chicago
Golf Mill Art Exhibit, Chicago
Peter Strauss Ranch Exhibit, L.A.
Learning Tree Univ. L.A. Calif.
Westlake Village Art Guild, L.A.
Lake Forest Art League, Illinois
Oak Park, Illinois-Juried Art Exhibit
McCann Erickson Exhibit, Mexico
Old Orchard-Juried Exhibit, Chicago
Chicago Old Town Art Exhibit
Gold Coast Art Exhibit - Chicago
Delray Art League, Delray Beach, Fl
Crest Galleries, Delray Beach, Fl
Coral Springs Art Museum, Fl
Gold Coast Water Color Society, Fl
Palm Beach Water Color Society, Fl


Vermont Barn With Wooden Silo by Robert Birkenes


Israel Tel Aviv Building 8 by Robert Birkenes


Israel Tel Aviv Beach by Robert Birkenes


Israel Dead Sea Scroll Mountains by Robert Birkenes


Israel Tel Aviv Street Scene by Robert Birkenes


Israel Tel Aviv Building 39 by Robert Birkenes


Chicago Biograph Theater by Robert Birkenes


Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo by Robert Birkenes


Chicago Wrigley and Hancock Buildings by Robert Birkenes


Tree near Davis. WV. by Robert Birkenes


Truluck's Restaurant in Beautiful Mizner Park. Boca Raton, Florida by Robert Birkenes


Chicago Downtown by Robert Birkenes


Chicago Downtown view of Michigan Ave. and Wacker Dr. by Robert Birkenes


Michigan Ave Chicago by Robert Birkenes


Max's Cafe in Mizner Park, Florida by Robert Birkenes


Mizner Park's Uncle Julio's Restaurant by Robert Birkenes


Delray Beach Historic Colony Hotel Twin Towers. Florida by Robert Birkenes


Classic Architecture in Mexico City Print by Robert Birkenes


Delray Beach Restaurant. Vic Angelos on Atlantic Ave. at Railroad Crossing. Florida. by Robert Birkenes


Delray Beach Bridge Tenders Building located above the Intracoastal Waterway. Florida. by Robert Birkenes


Santa Monica Pier with Merry-Go-Round Building by Robert Birkenes


Santa Monica Pier Merry Go Round by Robert Birkenes


Santa Monica Beach Hot Dog Stand by Robert Birkenes


Mexico City Chapultepec Castle by Robert Birkenes


Old Boca Raton City Hall Building by Robert Birkenes


Ft. Lauderdale Riverside Hotel Florida by Robert Birkenes


Mexico Teotihuacan Sun Pyramid by Robert Birkenes


Mexico City at Riorhin and Rio Panico Streets by Robert Birkenes


Mexico Merida La Catedral by Robert Birkenes


Jamaica - Anotto Bay by Robert Birkenes


Santa Monica Mountains California by Robert Birkenes


Historic Art Poster for Leo Burnett Advertising 1975 by Robert Birkenes


Santa Monica Mountains Looking North by Robert Birkenes


Crest Theatre Delray Beach Florida by Robert Birkenes


Pals Captains Table Restaurant Florida by Robert Birkenes


The Richard and Ann Grodem Residence in Ft. Myers. Florida by Robert Birkenes


Royal Palm Plaza Boca Raton Fl by Robert Birkenes


Indiana Covered Bridge 1896 by Robert Birkenes


Hands Art Supply and Stationary Store. Delray Beach FL. by Robert Birkenes


The Grodem Residence in Ft. Myers. Florida. by Robert Birkenes


Mexico City The Palace of Fine Arts by Robert Birkenes


Mexico City home at 365 Reformer by Robert Birkenes


Little Old House by Robert Birkenes


Mexico City Downtown Zocalo by Robert Birkenes


Los Angeles Victorian Home in Bunker Hill area by Robert Birkenes


Ventura Pier California by Robert Birkenes


Chicago. Pipers Alley on Wells Street by Robert Birkenes


Train Station Boca Raton Fl by Robert Birkenes